It’s clear that combining millennials’ love of technology with their affinity for loyalty schemes is something that businesses should take into account – indicating the clear importance of apps. According to Aruba, 66.3% of millennials indicate that they are more likely to shop from stores where they are part of a loyalty program. Coupled with the fact that 92% of millennials own smartphones, this creates a huge opportunity for businesses to utilise app technology effectively.

It’s not just millennials that the market can be targeting – even 30% of members of the ‘Silent Generation’, ie those born in 1946 or earlier, own a smartphone, meaning loyalty schemes are not merely restricted to the uber-savvy younger generation. In between comes Generation X (1965-1980) at 85%, and Baby Boomers (1946-1964) with 67% owning smartphones. All in all, it’s safe to say that apps are the way forward with many aspects of brand loyalty. Though some owners of smartphones might do little more with their device than message friends and take selfies, the vast majority will use them to their full advantage – including enrolling in loyalty schemes.

LoyaltyPro provides bespoke app creation for you and your company, made available to both the App Store and Google Play. Our service offers a powerful marketing platform to entice customers and personalise messages in order to retain those already subscribed.

The app also embodies a safe and secure GDPR compliant system, to ensure full confidence with handling users’ data. It works alongside your LoyaltyPro system as a digital loyalty card, allowing customers to track, collect, earn and redeem points or vouchers via mobile.

All the evidence suggests that loyalty schemes are a system worth investing in – according to Loyalty Lion, a customer who joins your loyalty program is 47% more likely to make a second purchase than a customer who doesn’t. With a LoyaltyPro app, your customers can receive marketing offers in real time and find your nearest venue to see the latest available offers.


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