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Your own loyalty system that drives footfall and improve sales opportunities

Here at Loyalty Pro, we take the time to listen to your needs in order to provide you with a tailored loyalty system that works perfectly for your business. The process is simple; you talk, we listen, we advise, you choose, we plan and then we implement.

Our systems allow you and your customers to choose whether they wish to carry a conventional loyalty card or if they would prefer to use a mobile device, integrated credit/debit card or something else such as a fob or wristband using contactless technology.

What’s more, we have developed the most functional and customisable loyalty app on the market to offer a seamless way for our customers to switch to a smartphone if and when they are ready.


Simple Setup

    • Easy to set up and use
    • No need for you to change or modify your business processes
    • System configured via website for detailed reporting
    • Can be used in any country with a GPRS or 4G enabled network


  • Completely customisable with your branding: unique cards, vouchers, points summary, marketing and application forms
  • Point allocation can be variable per card: Preferential/Staff Discounts/Other Groups
  • Cards can be pre-loaded with points and used as gift cards or incentives
  • Can be used in any currency


  • Supported by a team of Microsoft Certified engineers
  • Includes a team of UK wide mobile engineers and a fully manned help-desk
  • Can be used offline even if a mobile phone network is down: No loss of data
  • Uses secure servers and regular backups to ensure your data is safe


  • Loyalty Pro systems can handle franchises, multi-store groups, individual stores, locational ventures and other businesses alliances
  • Complete flexibility over billing
  • Flexibility with voucher operation
    (to be redeemed against current purchases or saved for future use)


  • Access to valuble GDPR compliant customer data
  • Point of Sale advertising opportunities
  • Internal marketing support to maximise opportunities
  • Access to a marketing portal to send your own marketing messages


  • Loyalty Pro can run marketing campaigns on your behalf: Personalised posts, eShots, SMS or a combination of all three
  • Access to detailed reporting on footfall values via a dashboard, broken down into product types
  • Access to intelligent data on customer buying trends