Loyalty Pro App



Take your loyalty system to the next level by introducing digital, cardless loyalty.

Our bespoke app is designed to compliment your rewards system by either replacing physical loyalty cards or providing your customers with the option to link their existing physical loyalty card. It is branded to your business, working alongside your Loyalty Pro system as a digital loyalty card. This allows customers to track, collect, earn and redeem points and vouchers via their mobile.

Your app will also provide you with a marketing tool, allowing you to send marketing direct messages to your customer ensuring you are GDPR compliant.

Loyalty Pro app features;

  • Branded to your business
  • Ability for customers to change their details
  • Display of customer’s points and rewards they have earned with you
  • Digital vouchers for customers to redeem in store
  • Virtual map displaying all your business’ sites and venues
  • Marketing messages from you to your customers