What scheme is best?



Want to know what type of scheme will work for you?

There are a myriad of different loyalty schemes in operation. We provide a variety of solutions to cover most requirements and, as we build everything in house, we can tailor them to special circumstances.

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To determine what would work best for your business we need to understand something of your aims, your clients, your marketing plans and budget, your purchase volumes etc. Loyalty Pro will advise you on the most effective type of scheme for your business or organisation.

The key questions we would ask you are;

Who are you looking to engage?
  • What’s the demographic of your audience, (e.g. local or national, tech-savvy or traditional?)
  • Are they domestic purchasers or businesses?
  • Is your focus on attracting new customers or engaging existing customers?
How do you wish to incentivise your customers?
  • By monetary voucher?
  • By exclusive offers?
  • By third-party rewards?
How do you wish to allocate rewards?
  • By visits?
  • By purchase amounts?

We only want to install our solutions if we think are going to achieve your aims, so If we think your requirement is best suited by an alternative approach we will tell you. We will follow up your existing enquiry with a phone conversation to talk through your requirements.

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