Marketing To Your Loyal Customers

In today’s digital world there are an increasing array of opportunities to market your business to new or existing customers, whether using new forms of digital and social communications through to the traditional mainstream advertising.  Each method has its benefits depending on your customer profile, however in each case the starting point has to be with your customers at the heart of the message.

Reassuringly, the four key rules to marketing remain the same regardless of the medium.  Start by knowing your business and ensure you communicate your brand consistently and with a clear understanding of what you stand for.  If you want loyal customers, you want customers that relate to your business and the products / services that it offers.

Remember to keep it simple – you need to keep the proposition and purchasing process as simple as possible as research shows that customers spend less than three seconds per social media post.  Remember to make your customers feel special – personalise messages, go above and beyond expectations and reward their loyalty.  This way they will become your biggest advocates.

Finally, loyalty and customer relationships are key.  Loyalty programs are an excellent way for organisations to market to consumers in a way that is beneficial to both the consumer and the business.  A loyalty programme will give you valuable customer insight and allow you to devise campaigns to increase the transaction value or tempt customers into different offers.

Here at Loyalty Pro, our loyalty systems have been specially designed to include a marketing portal – enabling you to retarget your customers directly with tailored marketing messages, through different marketing mediums and with individual offers based on their spending patterns.

One such example is the email marketing software we provide as standard. Offering a powerful and personal way to reach your customers in an increasingly competitive marketplace.  By using the information gleaned, a personal message can be created, tailored to individual customer interests and delivered directly into their inbox or mobile phone.

If you’re interested in hearing a little more about what our loyalty packages and email marketing services entail, feel free to leave us a comment on LinkedIn or drop us a Tweet.