Garbett Butchers implement Loyalty Pro scheme

Loyalty Pro scheme at Garbett Butchers

We speak to Katie Garbett at Garbett Butchers about their newly-implemented Loyalty Pro scheme.

What made you consider implementing a loyalty scheme for Garbetts initially? What were you looking to get out of it?

At Garbetts, implementing a loyalty card scheme meant driving our business into the future using new and modern ways to keep in touch with our customers. Indeed, the scheme has already proved itself in our stores.

It’s great that we are able to give something back to our customers as their loyalty means a lot to us. An additional bonus is that the cards allow us to keep in touch with our customers, find out what products they are looking for and send out relevant promotional offers.

How does the scheme work in practice?

Loyalty Pro is a fantastic loyalty scheme. I can see how much thought has gone into the systems - they won’t go out of date any time soon, which means a saving on upgrading models. The low start-up costs also reduced the risk involved in taking on this new scheme, proving cheaper than models that came nowhere near to the efficiency of Loyalty Pro.

We are signing up a generous amount of 40+ people on average each week. Customers enjoy being a part of our service and being able to keep in touch with us. Loyalty Pro has allowed us to deliver a more personal service and being a family business, this is what we strive to deliver.

It hasn’t been difficult to implement Loyalty Pro into our business; we now use the scheme with every customer and enjoy how easy it is to operate.

We understand that you use Loyalty Pro to send out marketing messages and texts too – how effective have you found these to be?

We have aimed to send out at least one text message a month; whether that be to update our customers on what’s going on in the business or wish them well on national holidays. It allows us to communicate with them on a personal level which we love!

I aim to get a 10% response from our promotional text messages, but it all depends on the product. We have found the level of response to be far greater than advertising on social media in the last 6–7 months. Hearing from our customers exactly what it is they are looking for allows us to tailor our product offering and introduce offers that we think they will like. Our customers’ happiness is our highest priority!