Common mistakes business owners are making

Are you wondering why your business isn’t growing?

Struggling to retain existing customers or attract new ones?

Is engaging with customers one of you biggest tasks?

If you are facing any one of these business challenges there could be a number of mistakes you are making and here are the most common 3:


Marketing enables you to continuously attract new customers, this is the first step when encouraging repeat spend. Marketing activity is wide and varied and for businesses this can seem overwhelming and complicated, but it doesn’t have to be…

You could broadcast simple messages using email marketing which business2community claims to be the most beneficial technique to engage and acquire customers. Through simply collecting your customers email addresses you can send mailshots loaded with incentives to drive customers back in to store.

However, all this marketing action can be time consuming and take valuable time out of your day. That’s why at Loyalty Pro we can do this all for you. Our marketing function can run personalised campaigns through not just email but text message too!

Avoiding Technology

If you are wanting to stand out on the high street, technology is the way to go. Not only can tech help you complete work efficiently, it can give you valuable insight and contribute to business growth.

At Loyalty Pro we provide traders with everything they need to grow their customer base. This includes a tablet stationed at the till which easily allows the collection of email addresses and registration of cards. Our tablets can also gather purchase information. With this, we can track customer behaviour and form marketing campaigns rewarding customers for spending with you.

What’s more, tablets can display additional promotional advertisement which really helps engage your customers with great offers.

In turn this all leads to greater profits for your business!

Show your appreciation!

This is major if you want your customers to spend with you and quit spending with your competition.

The best way to do this is to introduce them to a loyalty programme that rewards points for every purchase.

For example, loyalty pro allows you to input customer details and their card number into the tablet. This adds them to a database where you can directly communicate with them, offering extra points, voucher and discounts.

Final thoughts

Now you are aware of the most common issues for businesses you won’t fall into these traps. If you feel that you need extra help, fill out your contact details on the contact us page and we’ll give you a call back!