 Community Centre: ‘We have a lot of returning customers who have the Love Hoole Card’
 Computer Buddies: ‘People often enquire about the scheme and often read offers displayed on the screen’
 erj Boutique: ‘The scheme works great, we have registered a lot of customers and we have to keep topping up on spare cards.
 Fresh Flowers: ‘It’s working really well, one lady has been issued with a voucher already and she will be due another one soon!’
 L.A. Beauty: ‘The scheme works great, it’s easy to use and I always remember to ask my customers if they have a card’.
 Nail Spa:  ‘We are really enjoying having the Loyalty Pro Loyalty Card in our business. We have trailed it now for 3 months and not only do our customers love the scheme – it has enabled us to stop using an existing voucher system we use as this does it all for us!’.
 Oliver George: ‘It’s doing well, customers who come here all have the Love Hoole Card’