I’ve lost my loyalty card. Who do I contact to get a new one?
Collect a new loyalty card in any of the participating stores and then call our support team at 0800 612 9747 or email us at support@loyaltypro.co.uk

How do I use the Loyalty Pro app?
Please see  Loyalty Pro app videos

Which stores can I use my card in?
Please see our participating stores at http://lovehoole.com/index.php/participating-venues/

How do I choose to receive Love Hoole emails?
Go to the Love Hoole website, log into your account and change your preferences, alternatively ask a member of staff to change this using their loyalty system in any participating store.

How do I unsubscribe from mailing lists?
Simply unsubscribe at the bottom of the email received.

Do I get informed about offers and points?
Direct by the trader via app message, SMS or email and you will be informed with the latest news, offers, deals and events in the fortnightly customer mailer.

Is the loyalty app free?

What is the app for?
The app is for customers to have a digital wallet of all points and vouchers, a map of all participating traders based on your location and a platform to receive offers and promotions from traders directly. You can also link your loyalty card to your app, providing you with a barcode to scan if you have forgotten your card on purchase.

How do I redeem my vouchers?
You will receive your voucher either as an instore printed voucher, email notification or app voucher depending on the trader you are redeeming with.

How do I check my points?
You can check your points and vouchers either instore, online at http://lovehoole.com/index.php/cardreg/ or using the app.

Can I use my vouchers in any participating store?
You can only use your vouchers with the trader which you collected the points with.

How do I get points?
Scan your card on purchase in any participating store to receive points on your card and app.

Do I have to register instore?
You can register instore, on your app or online at www.lovehoole.com

If I link my credit or debit cards to my loyalty card are my card details secure?
Yes, you're card number isn't stored. Once registered a unique ID is used for all transaction tracking

Still stuck or got another question ? Call our helpdesk free on 0800 6129747 or email us on support@loyaltypro.co.uk stating your name and card number.