Credit Card Linking FAQ’s

Credit Card Linking – Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
We link purchase transactions to your site by referencing the merchant ID number (MID) that is associated with your card payment terminal. 


Do all my customers have to have the app?
No, they can register their credit cards via the secure website and get notified of vouchers by email.


Can my customers earn points for cash transactions?
Yes, if you wish to you can issue loyalty cards and combine credit card linking with either our tablet or loyalty lite system – scan the card and enter the cash transaction manually.


Will my customer data be available to anyone else?
No, as a bespoke client you retain ownership of the data and only you will have access to your customer information.


Can I access my customer data?
Yes, you can access your customer data through our secure marketing portal which allows you to view transactions, run reports, and send selected customers direct marketing emails, app messages and SMS.


How does voucher redemption work?
Customers will receive a monetary voucher on their app or email when they reach the level of spend which you define. They will redeem at the counter by showing you voucher on the app – or you can redeem via loyalty lite. You will receive a report showing redemptions of each day.


How long will it take until I am operational?
Less than a calendar month from the day you sign up.


How quickly will my customers receive their point and vouchers?
This can vary depending upon the card type that the customer has purchased with. Mastercard points will normally show the same day, Visa cards can take 48 hours.


How long is the contract?
The minimum contract is 12 months with 30 days notice from then on.


Are my customer card details and data secure?
Yes, customers card details are not stored in our database. When a card is registered a unique ID is generated and used for all transaction tracking.


Can customers add more than one payment method?
Yes, customers can add as many debit and credit cards as they want and get rewarded for using any.


Can I have both Credit Card Linking and the Tablet/Card system?
Yes.  This enables you to give points to customers paying cash by entering the transaction manually.


What are the costs for Credit Card Linking?
The cost is 3-10p per transaction for low volumes, with substantial rate reductions for higher volumes.