Business Continuity Update

As the UK moves towards the next phase of the strategy for managing the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, I wanted to brief you on the arrangements and contingency plans Loyalty Pro have made to allow us to continue to serve you through this difficult period.

Our offices are closed but we are working from home and the helpdesk remains open.

  • We will continue to monitor all site based loyalty systems and handle incoming calls and emails as usual.
  • We are evaluating ways in which our systems can be adapted to assist our clients customer base, particularly those which are smartphone apps.
  • We are maintaining our portals to ensure clients are able to use the loyalty systems to communicate with their customers by text, email or push notification
  • All Loyalty Pro staff are able to work remotely for a sustained period and split operations at different locations for business critical staff could be implemented.
  • Our Technology has been checked to ensure that staff are able to operate seamlessly on a remote/virtual basis. This includes measures to protect sensitive data.
  • We continue to conduct ongoing due diligence on our platform providers and outsource service providers to assess and check how they plan to avoid service disruption. At this stage, we have not identified any areas of concern.

I believe we have taken the necessary steps to prepare for the increasing challenges that will develop as the government moves through the phases of management of the pandemic.

Whether the office is able to re-open or we are forced to work remotely, we are be contactable on our normal number:
0800 612 9747 during office hours, with an answer service available outside of these hours. Alternatively, you can email as usual.

These are difficult times for everyone and we are acutely aware that our customers, many of whom are part of the badly affected hospitality sector, are experiencing many challenges. We believe that loyalty systems could play a key part not only in helping business weather the storm, but also in the subsequent recovery. We will continue to fulfil our commitments as best we can in the weeks and months ahead.

If at any time you need reassurance or have any queries or ideas on how we may assist further, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Rob Meakin
Managing Director